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National Voter's Registration Day Events 2018

Women's Equality Day 2018

As we celebrate today as Women's Equality Day, August 26, 2018, let us remind ourselves of the tremendous work that has been accomplished and that which we still need to carry out to achieve equality. Leagues all over the USA have been a part of celebrations for the past few days. Those of us in LWV-TLC had that opportunity yesterday as part of the Equality Day Celebration held at the UAW Local 12 hosted by several organizations.

Many women spoke including our President, Audrey Berning-Matell. Covering such topics as Women in Business, Anti-Human Trafficking, Women in the Military, Women in Unions, Women in Politics, Women and Diversity, to name a few. Those speakers included: Nicole Duhart, Margie Chambers, Glenita Kinney, Marcia Young, Laticia Holmes, Theresa Fedor, Lisa Sobecki, Sandy Spang, Audrey Johnson, and many others. Local artists, authors and other female entrepreneurs had tables highlighting their businesses. Several members of LWV-TLC were present sharing information about the League ready to answer questions and register voters. Every attendee received a copy of our LWV-TLC publication "They Represent You" (TRY), which lists the local, state and federal government officials including their contact information.

We look forward to the 100th Anniversary in 2020 and hope that each of you will join us in our celebration.

Fair Districts = Fair Elections

Thanks to the hard work of redistricting reformers all over the state, voters approved a historic state constitutional amendment that will institute strong protections against the congressional partisan gerrymandering. Voters were clear that we all deserve fair districts and fair elections. Issue 1 won by 74.85%! Congressional redistricting with the new rules will take place in 2021. Issue 1 includes bipartisan mapmaking, greater transparency and public participation. It curbs gerrymandering or the manipulation of district lines by keeping communities together. ​For more information visit the Fair Districts=Fair Elections Coalition